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Auto-Correcting Age Range Dropdown Values

Requirement for the solution to correct an ‘age’ range if the user enters in the wrong values.


This functionality will ensure the search runs correctly without the need to prompt the user to re-enter their chosen values. An example of this functionality is as follows:

        Figure 1: Wrong Values Entered

‘Figure 1: Wrong Values Entered’ shows the user has entered in the values the wrong way around. The two fields are looking for a minimum and then a maximum value.  As the first number ‘45’ is higher than the second number ‘ 28’, normally an error message would appear if the user ran the search using this criteria.

With the autocorrecting functionality however, the solution will determine what the highest and lowest numbers entered into these two fields are and then use these values as the minimum and maximum values for the search. Once the search has been executed and returned the results, the values for these fields will appear as if they were entered correctly as shown in ‘Figure 2: Correct Values Entered’.


        Figure 2: Correct Values Entered


•    The solution automatically corrects incorrect age range values when performing a search
•    The solution will display the corrected age range values once the search has been executed and returned the results

  • AS AN...Administrator
  • I WANT...The solution to automatically correct incorrectly inputted 'Age' range data 
  • SO THAT....I know the data entered into the system is correct 




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