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Linguistics Testing

Requirement for the company to hire temporary bilingual employees to assist with the linguistic testing of the solution when required.


The software testing team can perform a lot of functional and non-functional tests regarding the solution. When the solution is going to be presented in multiple language options however, it is unlikely that the current team will have the linguistic skills to cover all the required languages to the level that they need to be tested at.

In the scenario where a language is to be presented in a language other than English, the company should look internally to see if any of their current staff have the required language skills. If not, then the company should hire temporary bilingual employees to perform the linguistics tests. Please note that the person performing the linguistics testing should be fluent in both English and the language in which the solution is being translated into.
Items to test for include the following:

•    Articles
•    Field Labels
•    Help
•    Any audio presented in the translated language
•    Subtitles
•    Any translated words have the same context / meaning after translation
•    Any translated phrases or words are culturally appropriate in the translated language
•    Any translated phrases are grammatically correct in the translated language
•    Any translated words are using the correct accents in the translated language e.g. ‘café’ instead of ‘cafe’


•    The solution uses linguistics testers to assist in the testing of any material to be presented in a foreign language
•    The linguistics testers are fluent in both English and the language they are testing 
•    The company looks internally for staff with the appropriate language skills to assist before hiring temporary linguistics testers
•    The linguistics tester tests against the items listed above

  • AS A...Project Manager
  • I WANT...The solution to be tested by people fluent in multiple languages
  • SO THAT...I am confident the content displayed is correct in all languages offered via the solution




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