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Loading Screen Animations

Requirement for the solutions interim ‘loading screen’ to feature animations while the users desired page is loading.


This functionality will inform the user that their desired page is currently loading and will provide them with a more visually pleasing alternative when compared to a static loading screen. The following diagrams depict how this functionality will appear to the user: 

    Figure 1: Frames 1 and 2
‘Figure 1: Frames 1 and 2’ show the first 2 steps of the animation as it would appear on the solutions loading screen. This animation is made up of 6 main steps which are as follows:   

    Figure 2: Animation Storyboard

‘Figure 2: Animation Storyboard’ shows the sequence of events for the full animation. In summary:

•    Step 1: Spaceship arrives 
•    Steps 2 - 5: Spaceship builds a pyramid
•    Step 6: Spaceship flies away once it has completed building the pyramid

The full animations length is to not exceed 5 seconds from start to finish. Once it has completed it shall continue to loop around again from the beginning until the user’s desired page has loaded.

Please note that this animation features on a spaceship building a pyramid - This could be expanded upon in the future to show the spaceship building other well know buildings once the sequence has ended to provide the user with a bit more variety e.g. Stonehenge or the Eiffel tower.


•    The solution features an animation on its interim ‘loading screen’ while the users desired page is still loading
•    The animations length from start to finish does not exceed 5 seconds
•    The animation loops around to the beginning once it has completed a full sequence
•    The animation is expanded in the future to include other famous building

  • AS A...Customer
  • I WANT...To see different animations when a screen is loading
  • SO THAT...I am entertained while waiting for my selected page to load




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